Leghorn chicken

Origin & short history

The origins of the Leghorn are not clear; it appears to derive from light breeds originating in rural Tuscany. The name comes from Leghorn, the traditional anglicisation of Livorno, the Tuscan port from which the first birds were exported to North America. The date of the first exports is variously reported about 1830 and 1852. They were initially known as “Italians”; they were first referred to as “Leghorns” in 1865, in Worcester, Massachusetts.

leghorn lay years


Leghorn breed Characteristics


Productivity Focus: egg

Egg production: up to 300 eggs per year, and even more

Shell color: white

Egg weight: 55-60 g

Live weight of chickens: 1.5-2 kg

Live weight of Roosters: 2.6 kg

Color of the plumage: white, yellow, black and brown

Leghorn chickens are small with a vertical wedge-shaped body, which is typical for them to sign.

Skin color is mostly yellow or flesh-colored. Head – a small, leaf-shaped with a comb and a long, thin neck.

Beak – short, yellowish slightly curved at the end. Leghorn is characterized by a large protruding breast and wide belly. The adult bird legs medium length, white, thin, young animals

The color of the legs is yellow.

Tail: wide, with a slope of 40 ° with respect to the body.

Leghorn starts laying usually at 4.5 – 5 months of age. The instinct of brooding is missing, so to replace them young hens must be purchased. A year later, the bird is usually exhausted, which is not surprising with such a unique performance. Therefore to keep Leghorn layers  in production for more than a year is not suggested.

Puberty in the birds of this breed comes relatively early, in 17-18 weeks.

Hatchability is low and it reaches a maximum of 92%. Fertilized eggs are typically 95%.


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