Plymouth Rock Chicken


Origin & short history

The Plymouth Rock or “Barred Rock” is a breed of domestic chicken from the United States. It originated in New England  in the middle of the 19th century ( first exhibited as a breed in 1869) from cross-breeding of Dominiques and Black Javas Cochin and Brahma.

plymouth rock lay hensPlymouth Rock breed Characteristics

Productivity Focus: Meat and egg

Egg production: 190-220 eggs per year

Egg shell color: yellow-brown

Egg weight: 60 g

Live weight of hens: minimum 2.95 kg

Live weight of Roosters: 4 kg (min.3.4 kg)

Color of the feathering: The birds of this breed have striped feathering with different shades. There are also, birds with white, black, and pale yellow plumage color. In males at the neck and waist black and white stripes are narrower than in hens and figure seems a little brighter. In hens color striped feathers are more vivid on the neck and lower back feathers are not different from the basic color. Day-old chicks are covered with black feathers, and have bright spots on stomach area.

Skin color: yellow

Head: medium sized.

Beak: short & yellow.

Eyes: orange-red colored.

Earrings are oval, the ear lobes bright red.

Neck: Medium length and densely feathered.

Chest: broad and convex.

Wings: tight to the body & slightly raised.

Back is broad and horizontal; it has a small lift to the tail.

Tail: small, with thick plumage, laid back, with moderately long braids.

Thighs: short with thick plumage and yellow metatarsus.

Hens begin production at the age of six months.

Livability:   about 96%.

Advantages of the breed:

  1. Calm temper
  2. Excellent meat quality
  3. A good egg production
  4. Adaptability to various housing and environmental conditions

Michael J. Mavridis D.V.M
CEO / Founder of Mavridis Zootechniki Ltd.

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