Incubation Problems due to Breeders’ Micro Mineral Deficiences



The problems of embryo mortality during incubation are not allways incubator
oriented.  The table below discusses when and how micro mineral deficiencies of the
breeder flock affect the survival possibilities of the chicken embryo in ovo.




Deficiency Signs






Peak deaths prior to emergence. Chondrodystrophy, dwarfism, long bone shortening, head malformations, edema, and abnormal feathering are prominent.





Deaths prior to emergence and the appearance of rumplessness, depletion of vertebral column, eyes underdeveloped, and missing limbs.





Deaths at early blood stage with no malformations





Prolongation of hatching time, reduced thyroid size

and incomplete abdominal closure





Low hematocrit; low blood hemoglobin; poor extra-embryonic circulation in candled eggs.






High incidence of dead embryos early in incubation


Source:Nutrient Requirements of Poultry: Ninth Revised Edition,1994

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